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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Arizona

Welcome to the “Arizona German Shepherd Breeders” page of Local Puppy Breeders! If this is your first time visiting our site, every state page on LPB (that’s shorthand for Local Puppy Breeders) has a complete list of every single local breeder that we have identified in that state. You will be able to find all their current contact information, as well as a link to their website, so you can see what puppies they currently have available for sale. We provide you with all this information so that you can research each breeder individually and find the one that has your perfect puppy available!

The German Shepherd, a breed synonymous with loyalty and versatility, is renowned for its intelligence and capability in various roles, from police work to companionship. Developed in Germany in the late 19th century by Max von Stephanitz, who aimed to create the ideal working dog, German Shepherds are now one of the most popular breeds worldwide. They possess a noble and confident demeanor, with a keen sense of duty and protectiveness towards their family. These dogs are highly trainable, excelling in obedience, search and rescue, and as service animals. Their double coat requires regular grooming and they thrive on physical and mental stimulation. German Shepherds form strong bonds with their owners and are known for their courage and dedication. Ideal for active families or individuals seeking a highly intelligent, loyal, and versatile companion, the German Shepherd is a breed that consistently proves its worth in both professional capacities and as a devoted family member.

German Shepherd Puppy Breeders in Arizona

Breeder NameCityStatePhone
pottyregisteredpuppies.com Phoenix AZ 8.0..0.0.0.
Maricopa AZ (520) 840-4345
Vom Ashtonhaus German Shepherds Cave Creek AZ
Dragon German Shepherds Wittmann AZ (623) 388-0494
AZ Black Shepherds Cottonwood AZ (928) 300-2263
Pets 4 You - Linda Wenger Tucson AZ (760) 244-3317
All In One K9 White Hills AZ (702) 286-3929
Alpine K9 Phoenix AZ (623) 388-5000
Abbott'S German Shepherds Maricopa AZ (602) 618-1854
Grand Canyon K9 Phoenix AZ (602) 371-0278
Desert Hills ARIZONA AZ (602) 291-6361
Sunapee German Shepherds Phoenix AZ (425) 891-1288
Vintar German Shepherds Arizona Buckeye AZ
Southwest German Shepherds Scottsdale AZ (480) 589-2187
Von Altenhof Shepherds Phoenix AZ (480) 351-5664
Desert Diamond Bouviers Scottsdale AZ (480) 330-3407
Desert Mountain Maricopa AZ (480) 250-2206
Catalina German Shepherds Tucson AZ (520) 589-9048
Zauberberg Kennels Tucson AZ (520) 419-2199
Gentle Giant German Shepherds TUCSON AZ (520) 301-5864

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If you have never owned a German Shepherd before, or are looking for more information on the breed, check out our German Shepherd Dog Breed Information page.

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Arizona German Shepherd